One: a junkie sort of love song
Vs1: baby please don't leave me, I promise I'll stay sane
Your love is my addiction, a rush straight to my brain
Can't remember life before you, was just getting by
Now I feel euphoric, every day's a brand new high

Vs2: but next I tend to crash hard, your kisses are so toxic
I know you're no good for me and I keep trying to knock it
But every time i leave you I just come back for more
Now I'm dirty I'm sick I can't breathe and I can't sleep and I'm lying on your bathroom floor ( a triplet sort of rhythm for that)

Ch: I keep trying to quit but I need one last hit, I'm addicted to yo
You're the spike in my vein and you're keeping me sane, I'm addicted to you.

Two: night/ day sort of comparison

Vs1; Last night I saw your name among the stars
It's hard enough to love you from afar
But harder when all I see is your face

Vs 2;And you were a part of a different constellation
But still I looked at you with adoration
My shooting star and my saving grace

Pc: And when you left you took my whole universe with you
Our love died in the daylight

Ch: You awoke a galaxy in my head
then decided that you didn't like stars
You took me dancing at midnight
Then you found out you were afraid of the dark
Need more chorus lines

Vs: 3 Tonight i sit under artificial moonlight
wishing I'd be the one that you hold tight
But your sun rises in your eyes

Falling from my skies
David Bowie is my spirit animal
Song 1, verse 2, the first line is a little wordy. Maybe try something like "The morning after hits me hard/..."

Song 2 chorus, 2nd line I'm not too fond of, you could try something like "You awoke a galaxy in my head/then left me among the stars." Keeps the rhyme scheme but flows a little better.

These are kind of outside of outside my wheel house, so take that with a grain of salt, haha. Trying to get some critiques in, I'll post some of my own lyrics tomorrow.