I've more than doubled my playing time recently and the main stuff I've been working on is very left hand intensive, like sweep picking and stuff like that. I don't know how to describe the feeling but the fingers on my left hand just constantly feel like tender and stiff. I'm constantly cracking them all day. Its not pain but it definitely doesn't feel good. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I over doing it?
I experienced this a few months ago when I started practicing intensely for my senior recital. Yes, you are overdoing it, but you will be fine. Maybe practice a bit less for a few days until it starts to feel better, then slowly start to increase your practice time again. Eventually your hand will start to get used to the stress and it will begin to adapt, but if you ever feel bad pain while playing, then stop.

edit: yeah also what babby said about tense muscles. focus on keeping your hand as relaxed as possible and pretty soon it will be natural. only push down on the frets as hard as you need to to get a clear sound, and no harder. you will have to focus on these things for a while during your practice, but then they will become second nature.
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first thing, make sure that when you're playing you are relaxed. Muscle damage in your fingers can get real messed up if you're tense all the time. Also it holds you back from playing smoothly, cause you've tensed your muscles and joints and stuff

second, well that's kind of it.

I used to get mad wrist pain when I was attempted successive large intervals (on the piano. So playing songs that have 10ths and 9ths rapidly really locks my wrist up). Had ot change my playing style and it's much better for me now.

So yeahj, just relax it's all good
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