Hey guys, I came across this guitar on an antique shop.
And I was just wondering if anyone knows any information about it.
I've looked online, and visited the silvertone website, but I cant find any info on this particular guitar.

If anyone has any info or knowledge, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Since Silvertone was made by Kay for Sears, you could check here:


(apologies in advance if linking to other forums is not allowed)
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Silvertone guitars are essentially the same as the funky, famous Danelectro guitars. They have a huge cult and collector following, thanks to a certain Mr. Jimmy Page. That says a lot for their offerings of the past.

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Silvertone was a brand name sold by Sears in the 60s. the actual guitars varied and wre made by a variety of makers. some models were by danelectro as well as Kay, Teisco and Harmony. the guitar here seems tobe either a Kay or Harmony. it's interesting for sure. if it works well and is in really nice shape overallthen it could be worht a few $.
I'd say Kay or Harmony too. Silvertone used several brands, Dan Electro being the most well known. (and the first electric guitar I ever played) Also made by Harmony, Kay, Teisco.

I can't find this one in any of the Silvertone pages so far, the general look says it's a 70's Japanese model. I have a Kingston with a similar metal plate for volume and tone knobs. Teisco made a lot of guitars that were sold as others, they made them then slapped anyone's decal on the headstock. Teisco, Kingston, Del Ray, Kent and others.
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