Completely new to this but trying to learn "need the sun to break" by James Bay. Intro and Verse are fine but then the chorus looks insane. I cant physically hold all the notes with all 4 fingers!! Need some help with how to position my hand. I tried the video in the bottom right saying it would show me how he plays it but it takes me into the free trial and, low and behold, it doesnt have that song. Can anyone please help with a video or a link on how to play these chords or how to find out what the chords are called so I can research it elsewhere? The only video I can find of James Bay singing it flicks between the guitar and his face so cant get a good look at what hes doing with his fingers. Please help!
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He's playing tuned down a step.

Chorus is

Play twice, don't play the fourth chord on the repeat, just stay on the third chord.

If you play those shapes in standard tuning you have A, E, B, C#m7.
If you want to play along without tuning your guitar down play G, D, A, Bm7.
I am completely lost. Like I say I am a beginner and was looking for some advice on which fingers were on which string. This has confused me
So taking a look at the chords above you'll notice you have to bar chords #2 and 3. For simplicity fingers will be numbered 1-4 starting with the index.
Chord #1: 3rd finger on 7th, 2nd on 6th fret, 1st on 5th covering both B and E string.

Chord#2: Use 1st finger to barre on the 7th fret starting on the A. Then use 3rd finger to barre the 9th fret from the D-B strings. (If you are not used to barre chords this may sound terrible and you need to keep practicing until each note sounds clear so don't be frustrated.)

Chord#3: Again barre with finger 1 on the 7th fret across the fretboard. Place 3rd finger on 9th fret of A string. Place 4th finger on 9th fret of D string. Place 2nd finger on 8th fret of G.

Chord#4: 1st finger on 9th fret of low E. Using that finger mute the A and D strings as shown above by bringing the 1st finger closer to the fretboard and adjusting as needed depending on your hands. then use 2nd finger on the 9th fret of G, 3rd on 9th of B, and 4th on 9th of e.

Hope this helped some what. If you're having troubles look up a guide on barre chords and take it slowly and good luck
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