Finnish Guitarist Jari Maenpaa formerly of Ensiferum and now of Wintersun is only of my favourite players to listen to and I would like to emulate his style.
He and the other guitarist Teemu Mantysaari are both pretty phenomenal players.

Apart from learning Wintersun stuff which I have been doing, I'm looking more for key things that Jari does and why he does them.
Pretty much anything I can learn.

Cheers people!
Jari is an incredible player and I've admired him for quite some time. Honestly I struggle to find one thing that stands out for me in his playing. His composition skills impress me more than anything else. His lead playing is so incredibly well rounded and not generic that I struggle to isolate a single technique to practice. I would suggest to just improve your lead playing in every aspect honestly. He's pretty much perfected every aspect of heavy metal lead playing. He executes every technique flawlessly and his phrasing is exceptional. Watching his playing he seems to have a rather aggressive attack too and focuses on accenting more than most players from my memory.
If you want to play like him, play his stuff and learn the theory behind his compositions. What keys, what scales, what modes does he typically us etc. I personally don't know, and having someone tell you wont help. You have to learn these things for yourself if you really want to play like Jari.
At the end of the day though, you will never be able to emulate another guitarist and you shouldn't try to, especially not Jari

I'll quickly add that the standout lead section of his catalogue would be the legato at 3:14-3:17 in the Winter Madness solo.


That legato just blows my ****ing mind. If I had to pinpoint anything (which I can't) then I would say practice your legato, because his is so flawless and phrased so well.

If you can't tell by now that I'm a huge Jari fanboy, then now you know

EDIT: Why do I have this really odd feeling that Zaphod might now a bit more about Jari..
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EDIT: Why do I have this really odd feeling that Zaphod might now a bit more about Jari..

Not really to be honest Wintersun's never been quite my thing; I appreciate it and I've spent a decent amount of time listening to the first album but I've never really gotten in to them in depth.

That said, Jari's playing is heavily rooted in the neoclassical style so it's absolutely worth going back and looking at the people he draws influence from; guys like Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, even going back to some of Richie Blackmore's playing. Really no one can tell you why Jari does what he does but if you go back and look at his influences and really dissect what he does on record as well (learn theory to really understand it) then you can at least say what he does that gives him his characteristic sound and incorporate that in to what you do, even if you can't 100% imitate him.

But as Vayne says, direct imitation isn't really something to work too hard on; some people do it and they manage it very very well, but I think the better aim is to learn from as many people as you can. Steal all the bits you like, and mash it all up in to a style that sounds like you. Copping licks from as many people as possible isn't stealing, it's research!
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Like the other two said, you really need to look into neo-classical technique and theory to approach his playing. But where you will undoubtedly fall short is in the area of composition. Jari is a genius when it comes to arrangements and general songwriting, and his shredding is always done to compliment the song -- never the reverse like so many other shredders in which the shredding is the focal point and the song is almost an afterthought. Shred isn't really my thing, but I could listen to a dozen more albums from Jari (hint, hint, Jari, if you're reading this...let's get with the program...
2:38 Makes me think of Jason Becker, with a little Marty Friedman.

Cheers guys, I really appreciate the insight into his playing.