Figured I'd start this as a sort of log of m progress on these two;
it'll be slow going as I'm a teenager and don't have a whole lot of money.

So lets start off with the one that will be a full blown partscaster, It started life as a pos SAGA ST10 that I began to mod the crap out of, and, well, lets just say it definitely was not worth it to begin with... but hey, in the end, I wound up with some parts, and a plan to build a guitar that's a million times better.

First thing I changed was the bridge, original was probably the same bridge as the ones that come stock on Squier affinities, although I could be wrong, I myself have never actually owned a guitar made by Fender or Squier, just some parts. I stuck a Gotoh Wilkinson VS100 in it, which is a damn great bridge. A friend of mine gave me the neck and middle pickups off his 04ish MIM, not the greatest pups in the world, but they pull off cleans quite nicely.

The project has finally taken off with the purchase of this neck:
This Mighty Mite maple neck with an Ebony Fretboard, cut for a floyd nut. Bought it second hand on craigslist for $125USD. I installed a genuine Schaller string retainer on it already... Which was ironically cheaper than string retainers made elsewhere (such as the mighty mite one). I will attack the string retainer with 3m Scotchbrite to match the tuners I will be getting (Hipshot lockers in Satin Chrome) and the wilky. I've got an Ebanol nut coming in from allparts to pop in that floyd shelf

As for whats left... Swamp ash body from warmoth routed for a recessed wilky. I'm going to finish it myself. It'll be a white to black burst, think of a silverburst, but see thru. Pearloid pickguard, with an angled humbucker in the bridge. Lace alumitone deathbucker in the bridge, those fender pups in the middle and neck. Master volume in the standard position, master tone in the 2nd tone position, and several two way switches where the middle pot normally is, for various things such as phase reversal, coil tap, etc. Black tele knobs and black plastics. If theres anything I missed just ask
Now, for the second. This one, I've already got the neck, body, pickguard, pots, and switches for. I've been working on this one slowly, but never posted much about it besides a wiring question a while back. You can see what it looked like by clicking on "no name strat" in my signature.

The pickups literally disintegrated (covers literally turned to dust, etc), not to mention, they weren't particularly great pickups to begin with, so I tore those out. The tuners have been in need of replacement for at least two decades, probably more. The bridge doesn't actually have a block, instead, it has a bent piece of sheet metal in its place, but... surprisingly, brass saddles.

The biggest challenge with the guitar is it's non standard size. It's actually got a 26.2" scale and properly intonates. Because of the extra scale length, the body is slightly bigger, meaning, bigger pickguard. I haven't got a clue where it was made, but I can assume Japan. The switch is smaller than a standard fender style blade switch, and the screw holes are too close together to mount a blade switch without leaving holes everywhere (Yes, the pickguard is beat up, but I really don't like the look of extra holes in the pickguard. Some people might like that, but I don't. So instead, what I did was install 2 DPDT switches, one in each of the screw holes, and then a Gibson style 3 way toggle right in between them, to cover up the slot. (due to the fact that I'm only going with two pickups, this is a non-issue).

To install the 3 way, I had to remove some wood from the inside of the control cavity, however, I do not own a router, and the wood is too tough to take a dremel to it (I did try), so I resorted to a folding knife, a flathead screwdriver, and a hammer. I know, primitive haha, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do... although, blood was spilled... lots and LOTS of blood. Knife slipped and slit my finger open.... I never knew that much blood could come out of a finger
But hey, at least I still got the switch mounted, right?
Here's some pics: https://imgur.com/a/xTq0H

More problems.... They didn't use standard sized coils or covers... the screw holes are further from the pickup, and the pickups themselves were wider, but not as long as standard pups... no problem... well, ish... I widened the holes with my knife till I could fit a standard single into it, then installed some crappy pickups I had laying around to give the pickguard a slight bend in order to conform to the fact that the screws would have to sit at an angle without that bend. It seems to have worked, but we'll see. I then removed the pickups, and installed the dummy coil I'll be using to fill the middle position. I was originally going to use one of the crappy pickups I had laying around from the SAGA, however, the magnet was glued down so damn well, no matter what tools I attacked it with, it simply would not come off, so I gave up, and took a coil from what is left of the original pickups. These coils aren't on a standard single coil bobbin. The pickups seem to be based more on a humbucker than a single coil. The coil was stuffed into the cover, and held in with retention of the plastic. then a base plate underneath the cover gave the pickup a place to screw into the pickguard, and also to ensure that the coil didn't fall out. I removed the coil from it's original housing and stuffed it into an old beat up cover I had laying around, just for the time being, however, that will be swapped out for a cover intended for Fender mustangs, that I will stain a cream colour, just to cover up the lack of any pole pieces, and also to give me a surface to hot glue that dummy coil to

Last steps will simply be a JB jr in the bridge, a little 59 in the neck, Gotoh vintage style tuners with white buttons, and a Gotoh 510 series 6 screw trem.

This will be an interesting axe to say the least...

More pics!