So my pedalboard has been growing and I think I've reached a point where I have to address something I'm not terribly familiar with: buffers. I've read varying things about buffers but wanted to fish for some opinions on what I should do. Here is what my chain will look like in the next couple weeks with each labeled either true bypass or buffered:

Em Drive Clone (TB) > OCD (TB) > Chicago Stompworks Mister Vermin (TB) > D.onner Tutti Love Chorus (TB) > ISP Decumator (B) > VP Jr (pitchblack running out of the tuner out) > Joyo D-Seed (B) > Nova Repeator (B) > RV-5 (B) > DIY Reverb (TB)

I've thought about putting a splitter/buffer into the VP Jr. to help with the tone suck associated with the Tuner Out but was wondering if the buffer would be necessary with the pedal already being surrounded by two buffered pedals.

Basically this thread comes down to two questions:
1: Would you add a decent buffer into this pedalboard?
2: if so, where would you put it (would you mod it into the volume pedal or put it somewhere else?

Thanks for your input
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1. you decide.

Try bypassing everything, then play something.
After that plug the guitar into the amp directly and play something.

After being sure you were in the same position relative to the amp ask yourself: "is there any loss in high frequencies?"
If so, then decide if it's worth it to spend the money necessary to fix it.

2. before the longest cable run, so probably right after the guitar with a pedalboard cable - you attach the buffer to the guitar strap and run the output of that to the pedalboard.
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i dont think you need to add anymore than 2 buffered pedals. The issue is with the VP. When there is a tuner plugged in to that pedal there is immense tone suck which you have noted but the buffer in the other pedals wont make up for that 'tone suck' they will simply push that tone more. There is a guy called T1M (This 1's Mine) and he does a buffer fix to that pedal which really helps it.

Check that out and that may help overall.

So to answer you I would just mod your volume pedal and i think you will be ok.
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A good buffer isn't going to undo the suck from a bad one, so there's no point in adding more. As long as you've got a buffer in front of the volume pedal you're probably in good shape.

I'd take the pitchblack out of the tuner spot on the EB. No point in splitting the signal, that's just unnecessary loss.
Some pedals are fake true bypass, meaning, even if they're not powered, they will still pass signal, but one that has been severely weakened because the input is split 2 ways, 1 to the direct bypass output, another to the circuit board chips.

One such pedal is the vox V845 wah. Major major tone suck even in bypass mode that doesn't use buffers. I had to rewire it to true bypass with no 'pop' and no more tone suck after that.

You'll have to verify which of your pedals are wired this way, the fake true bypass method. Some Dunlop wah pedals are known for this too I remember.
That's not fake true bypass. They're not trying to fool anyone and it's not being advertised anywhere as true bypass. It's just unbuffered mechanical bypass. It's the oldest kind there is, the V845 is like that because that's how the originals were. It's definitely a poor system but it's not "fake" anything. It's been around since before true bypass was a thing.
^ Yeah. "Half-assed" is the colloquial term.

Though, a few manufacturers try to claim (or imply) that their half-assed bypass pedals are true bypass. Which is a bit off IMO.
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