I have a Vox lil night train head and cab for sale for $200.00

It's in perfect condition and will throw in a spare tube I have. I'd rather do this here than eBay to avoid the fees.

This is a sweet little amp with amazing cleans. The gain channel is enough for some old school crunch but if you want some metal crunch, I just used a pedal for that.

This was my first tube amp, and let me tell you - if you've never used a tube amp before you will be amazed at the difference. This cost me $300.00 new. The price I'm selling it for includes the shipping which is going to cost me a good 30-40 bucks.


I've been on UG since 2003, (I got out of hand on some comments more than on a few profiles I've had, and UG mods are not a forgiving bunch) so don't let the newbie profile scare you. Also I've been on eBay since like 2002. We can do it all through Paypal.