Hey there dude,

Thanks so much for checking out my track and sharing this with me.

It's awesome to hear another one of your tracks too. As usual, you have some really slick technical leads that caught me off guard. I really enjoyed all of your playing here, and while I think the individual sections sounded great, I didn't get a firm sense of direction from the track. I think maybe repeating some sections from earlier in the song (or re-introducing a melody line from earlier in the track) might help tie this together a little more.

Here's a bit of a play by play

0:09-0:25 I enjoyed the intro, it almost sounded like a classical piece.
0:56-1:05 There's some great lead work here.
1:07 the clean transition here made me laugh because I really wasn't expecting it. Nice!
1:30-1:50 There's a noticeable increase in volume here on the guitar track. Leads and drums are kind of competing for attention here.
2:20 Put that guitar down before you hurt somebody!

Cheers dude! Thanks for the enjoyable listen.
Hey hey !

Really nice song you've made !

It's all good for me. One point was over the rest of the song to me it's the clean part at 1.06. It was unexpected, and sounds a little bit like gypsy jazz (django reinhardt, ...) on the rythm.
I think this is one of your best point because the rest of the song is really good but this gives something you cannot hear in others^^

I let you a link if you want to C4C my song =)

orphenae - pray the lord of chickens !

Good work ! Cheers !


I wasn't sure what to expect with a genre description of "old town folk metal" but I enjoyed this. The playing is tight and impressive throughout although I thought as a composition it kind of meandered without much "glue". Having said that, the individual parts all worked and were well played/mixed. I followed you as liked what I heard. Your playing is immense.


very cool, the part at 1:07 threw me off, not in a bad way. I liked your lead tone. I'd maybe work a bit on the rhythm tone so it doesn't clash with the leads as much, but very cool bass lines in there too man! also killer artwork
The intro led into some ridiculously awesome riffs, i especially like the riffs around 40 secs in. The track just takes off from there into something bizzare and great, the clean transition is done so well and tastefully and it leads back into the previous sliding lick. That lick is so emorable and unique, it stands out. The bridge part immediately after around 2 mins is pretty laid back but the soling definetly isn't and the whole track starts to feel a bit more 80's speed/glam metally with the riffs. Seriously good stuff man, I like what I've heard