Does anyone have experience with the Italia Torino or other Italia guitars?
I want to know what the build quality and playability is like.
Haven't played the Torino, but I've played the Maranello, Mondial, and Fiorano models. Italia makes unique guitars, but I think unless you get a really good deal on a used one they are not a good deal for the average player looking for a quality instrument with a nice sound.

The quality feels a little shoddy. Part of that is on purpose - the original Italian Deco type guitars were made very cheaply. A few companies like Duesenberg have captured the aesthetic with extremely high quality and craftsmanship but in general this style of instrument trades quality for looks and to me Italia is not an exception. The electronics are decent but not great, which is a tough sell at this price point. The hardware is a mixed bag, some models have rather nice Wilkinson bridges and parts, but a lot of the plastics and tailpieces scream "shabby," which again is true to the bargain-bin originals but is a bit hard to stomach on an $800 guitar. Add "just ok" fretwork, some slightly sloppy QC, and uninspired pickups and sounds despite an often unnecessary number of controls, and I think all but the most aesthetically driven consumer will find a better guitar somewhere else.

Italias have fabulous looks if you're into that sort of thing, but unfortunately that's about all they have going for them. They're not bad guitars, per se, but given the price, I'd choose a slightly more boring look for an all-around better product from Ibanez or Cort or Epiphone or Gretsch any day of the week.
Ok, thats good info. Maybe I will hold out for an Ibanez Artcore or a good priced Epiphone dot.