I'm trying to learn Jessie's girl with this video and the only issue I'm having is barring the A chord at the very beginning of the chorus. I'm pressing my finger down hard enough to break it it feels like. I can occasionally hit the chord without my finger blocking out the high E but thats only if I adjust my hand to the point where I can no longer mute the low E. It doesn't help much that I'm learning this on acoustic either. I'll post the video below, thanks in advance!

I always play it higher up the neck.


And then I can slide up to the b during the chorus. I think it sounds better that way.
I'm gonna have to give that a try. I got too pissed off so I'm taking a break now lol
Firstly he's only playing power chords there, so you don't actually need to worry about barring the full A major shape.

Secondly, I actually don't like barring that shape like that. I much prefer fingering it like this:


At least if you want the high E to ring anyway; I've never been able to get that barre to work very well and keep the high E ringing as well.
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