I listened to all your "ideas", and you have some nice riffs. However riffs alone aren't going to get you anywhere. My advice would be to start turning those ideas into songs. Overall though I liked the playing. Can i ask what type of strat and les paul those were and what amp you were playing through?
thank you im working on getting a band or to learn to sing (but im terrible at it).. the only thing i wanted to know is if i bring something to the table that people would want/like to hear.. and if represents my style and not anyone else..

epiphone les paul ultra 3 and mexican fender (standard i think)
and the amp is line 6 spider 4 30wat
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Its definitely something i like to hear. Your style is pretty clear in the videos, but its hard to have a style that doesn't represent anyone else. Your style seems to be somewhat similar to some others blues and rock guitarists, but thats not neccesarily a bad thing. That being said, the ideas seemed pretty unique.

Thanks for the answer about the gear