I made this one about 2 weeks ago after I've wanted to learn the solo and saw none of the other tabs had it correctly (with some having easily discernible differences). I've listened to a slowed-down version of the studio recording and watched a video of Petrucci playing that same recording while writing this to make sure everything is correct. I'm positive all of the notes are correct, but I'm not completely sure whether the fingering during the fast sweeping towards the end is right as Portnoy -who's apparently the one who has edited that video- thought it would be cool to put this blur/ghost-image effect during the most difficult part. I've updated that section a couple of times and I think this one has it right (it has some tricky position-changes, but I think it's actually easier to play than a previous fingering where everything was more crammed and the pinky was used more at the shortest frets), but I'm not 100% sure. I've also tried to figure how was he playing the harmonic dive-bombs at the end of the solo, but I can't say if that's the correct way.

My tab.

What do you think?
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