I am not sure where to post this, if this is wrong feel free to move it. I was wondering what members would suggest using for cleaning/polishing the guitar, both the body and neck of the guitar, but also the fretboard (both rosewood and maple). I also notice a lot of professional players wipe down the strings often, is that just a dry cloth or is there something you use on the towel to clean them and keep them from corroding. What is needed on the frets themselves? Something along the lines of brass polish?
My favorite for cleaning the body is GHS Guitar Gloss. That stuff will make your guitar look better than new. If your neck is polished you can use it too.

To keep strings and frets from corroding, I like GHS Fast Fret. I don't know what pros use. I imagine just a dry towel since they change their strings for every show. Once the fret is corroded, I just play it a couple of times, basically using the string to remove corrosion. Dunlop sells a fret polishing cloth but I have no experience with it.

For the fretboard itself, either F-One Oil or Dunlop Lemon Oil. Gorgomyte has a good rep as well. Linseed Oil is often mentioned but that stuff is very waxy so I don't recommend it.
In the shop we use mostly the big bends stuff. Gloss sauce for polishing, fretboard juice for maple (finished) fretboards, the nut sauce for saddle and nut lubrication. For rosewood and other unfinished fretboards we have taken a liking to the fender custom shop fretboard cleaner. It's a lemon oil/wax based one that really helps coat and protect it. It's either carnauba wax or bees wax, can't remover off the top of my head.

We use a Dremel with a polishing wheel and auto polish for the frets, use a guard to keep it off the fretboard, they can be made with just a plastic sheet with a slot cut in for the fret.p

If you have string corrosion issues then any of the string cleaners are fairly viable. Big bends wipes, fast fret, daddario do one called xlr8.
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