I'm a fairly new guitar player, and besides a set of D'Addarios that I can't remember the sound of, I've been stringing my guitar with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound strings, standard gauge.

As of late, I decided that I didn't like the sort of twangy, metallic sound I'm getting out of them. I want a set of warm, mellow strings. Anybody got any recommendations?
^Yup, that there's your solution if you want mellow. I'm not sure that Ernie Ball make them, but D'Addario certainly do.

If you like your bending, though, flats might not cut it since they use wound 3rd strings (I've spent a while with one and you do get used to it but it's largely an inconvenience - generally you need to push a lot further to bend a note)

The main alternatives would be pure nickel (both EB and D'Addario do these) or half-rounds (which I think only D'Addario do), both of which are set up a bit more similarly to regular roundwound string sets. I haven't tried either so I can't vouch.

Similar things are made by other companies such as Rotosound and the like but in my experience they don't usually have the same range of gauges D'Addario and EB offer.
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