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I've been playing guitar on and off for about 10 years now but have recently found my passion for it rekindled. A few years ago, I got rid of an amp because I was playing so infrequently and found that Peavey Revalver suited my needs. I am now looking into getting an amp again and would really appreciate your advice!

I am looking to spend in the region of £100-£200, £250 at a push if it's really worth it, but I'd prefer to keep it under £200. I am happy to go new or used (good condition).

I used to play a lot of metal, and still play the odd bit here and there. But nowadays I tend to play more blues, hard rock, pop punk and general crunchy stuff. Decent cleans would be a nice extra but they won't see as much usage as crunch/overdrive/distortion channels.

Most of my playing is in a bedroom or conservatory in my semi-detached house so something that sounds decent at low volumes would be a priority. I do sometimes jam with other guitarist/bassist friends and would potentially look to play with a drummer at some point, though if I were to do this regularly I'd probably look to get a more powerful amp.

My gear includes a Jackson KE3, an Ibanez GSA60 (which I plan on upgrading the pickups on), and I am looking into buying a PRS SE Custom 24 or a MIM Strat soon. I have a Morley Tremonti Power Wah and a Digitech DF-7 distortion pedal.

It would be nice if the amp had some effects/models and maybe a foot-switch, but not the highest priority.

Finally, I am located in Warwickshire (UK), so nearest cities include Birmingham, Worcester and Coventry, but I am willing to travel as far as London.

Peavey Vypyr VIP2- has got it all, except for the foot-switch which is extra.
I'd get a jet city 2ch 20w combo.
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For that type of budget I'd suggest one of the used first gen Peavey Vypyr line. The Tube 60 is often thought to be one of the best. I have a Vypyr 30 and it does pretty well.

I also use ReValver for home use and I'll warn you that if you go with a modeling amp, the features and parameters are NOTHING like ReValver. . . . The Vypyr series has limited channels per amp model, no speaker cab choices, limited parameters (like no resonance or presence controls on the 6505 model), limited number of simultaneous effects (unless you get the Sanpera foot controller) with limited parameters, etc.

With that said, consider if you want a traditional modeling amp (Vypyr, Mustang, Valvetronix, Spider, etc.).

You can always go with a traditional regular amp like a Peavey 6505+ or JSX but not for your budget. Laney Ironheart would be a good choice in the UK too.

Which amp models do you use in ReValver that you would like to emulate in real life?

I'll also throw out a different route and suggest you use Gig Mode in ReValver. You could stack your purchases here and start with a laptop (hopefully that's what you are using) and purchase a powered wedge PA monitor speaker (12" with a horn that has the amp built into it). That will get you loud now and keep up with a drummer.

In the future tack on a Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller (or something similar but this one is supposedly good and inexpensive) and unlock all of those ReValver options at your feet for playing with others.

Or get a used Line6 POD HD500 (or HD500X if in budget - about $350 USD) and use that directly into the Powered PA Wedge Monitor speaker and the PA system directly.

Just some alternatives to a traditional amp to help spread some costs out with a limited budget.
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Yeah, maybe a Laney Cub, Vox AC4 or Fender Vaporizer
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try and find a laney aor30. got mine for £220, perfect for the styles you mentioned. it's also got nice cleans just not switchable.

This is a great suggestion. I have the 50 watt head and it has beautiful cleans but also plenty of gain on tap when you need it.
Thanks everyone.

metalmingee - To be honest it's been upwards of 3 years since I last used Revalver so I can't really remember I'm afraid! When I used it, it was Mk2... I did mainly use the gain-ier models, but that's not really my scene any more though I would like the option occasionally for when I'm feeling nostalgic
If you get the chance try out an Orange mico terror. I was in a similar situation as you and ended up getting that as well as a used Fender 12 inch cab for around USD 250. It absolutely kills and has no problem cutting through during jam sessions. It's got a very nice classic rock crunch, but no effects I'm afraid.
A used peavey valveking might suite your needs well, two channels, nice clean and crunch although heavier gain is not great, good a low volumes and loud enough to jam/gig with.