I haven't really played since the late 80's. Long story and just bought a Bugera 6262 2x12 combo. I was wondering if any one has heard of JHS little black amp box? It's supposed to work like an attenuator except you run it through the effects loop. I just don't see how that would work. Any tips? Can't really afford a decent attenuator at the moment

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I have one, and it is basically just a volume pot. So you could probably achieve the same effect with an EQ in the effects loop - all frequencies flat, just lower the level/gain. That is what I'm doing with my 5150 combo right now (although I will when I start recording and working on my tone). I actually have the black box in my bass amp's effects loop, since it's volume pot is scratchy and very sensitive, so lowering the signal level basically serves to make the pot less sensitive so I can adjust the volume more easily.

When I was using it on my guitar amp, I wasn't able to use it along with a looper or EQ - I just wouldn't get any sound out of the amp. I'm thinking it was user error though because I have it after a BBE 362 in the bass effects loop now and both work as intended.