Hey guys,

anyone ever use these fluorescent strings? We're doing a semi big show this weekend and will probably have a black light so we thought it would look cool to get the DR fluorescent strings.

Obviously I know they won't stay neon for years and years but do they sound ok? Is quality control decent? will the paint wear off after two days etc.

I tried a neon green set of these last Halloween, and they really looked pretty wild under a black light. I usually use Elixirs, and compared to those, these almost felt tacky/sort of sticky. The coloring/paint/glow didn't seem to fade at all, but they went dead in a little over a week, where I can usually get ~a month out of a set of Elixirs, so I really didn't have them on for an overly long period of time.
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Sound is not great, feel is garbage, QC is... no idea, they're strings and I only used two sets (they were free and I'm a slow learner). Color flakes off quickly.

Perfect for "a big show this weekend" actually, then change them after. They're all show, not decent strings by any other measure. If you think they look cool, put up with them for a weekend for the visual effect. Why not?
I tried the black beauties, which is the same string just black. They sounded stale and I really didn't like them. Good for aesthetics and that's about it.
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Got 3 sets for my birthday off the mrs last year. They look cool and would be ok for a gig or something for a laugh but the quality is junk. The guitar I actually play most of the time had them on for 3 days before the wrapping broke and unwound. Those were blue. The red ones on my tele covered the guitar in red powder in 5 minutes and my T50 with union jack paint job lives on my lounge wall, I put red white and blue ones on it. The winding on the 4th string has broken and unwound about 5 inches, and that guitar hasn't been played. They are really poor and just a gimmick.
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i haven't personally owned them, but i saw how fast the black ones lasted with another guitarist that i was playing with. they decayed fast, and i don't they did feel great either. i am glad i tried his before ordering them.

as it has been said, cool for a weekend.
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So the show is tonight, here is what it looks like. I'll try to get someone to take pictures during the set and I'll post them tommorow.

Wish me luck!

PS Forgot to mention, it's true they sound a tiny bit duller than normal new guitar strings but I found it still sounded decent enough if you brought up the treble a bit.

Also look at the orange strings, you can see the paint already coming off where my wife wacks the higher strings. I have no great hopes for its staying power but as long as we get one good gig from them, I'll be happy
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Those strings would look sweet on an RG550.
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DR is best known as a string for bassists, and the QC is excellent. The Neon strings actually have a following among bassists; they sound as good as any other DR string. I doubt that the effect would be as profound - or even noticeable - with the much-thinner guitar strings. But DR makes a fine string, so you should be good with it. The coating does not last long, though - particularly if your guitar has extra-jumbo frets.
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