Hey guys, just finished this one up and i thought i'd share it on here! I made everything except drums which are using superior drummer. I'd love to hear your feedback, positive/negative as well as i'm sort of confused as to what sub genre I play. I know it's not too important but i'm confused and would appreciate your help lol

Video link to song!

I will c4c just make sure to leave your link! thanks also i'll answer any quesitons you may have.
I like it! Very cool. I think it has at parts a sound similar to Pantera's groove-metal (in some of the riffs, mainly), but it's combined with a prog-feel.

It sounds good, but I think the guitar could sound tighter, mainly in the solo - it's a bit "in the back" (maybe a bit too much reverb), and I think that if it felt closer to the ears it would've been better.
Strange: when I clicked on your link it did not work, but when I manually typed it in it did. Pretty wild song. I'd be tempted to try occasional echo delay on the intro rhythm guitar. On first listen, I had mixed feelings on the stop/start nature of the song. On second listen, I liked it better. Audio quality & playing are all very good. It did not suck! Nice song & recording! Please review my music at this link:

very nice work !

Good instrumental =)
The quality of the song and your playing are really good. I'm not a big fan of shredding and I just put what it needs into the song, not too much and that's a really good point to me.
The mix is good also, and I don't do any better, so I can't really give you advice haah, it sounds nice to me =)

Please, review my song :

Orphenae - Pray the lord of chickens !

Cheers !

Hi mate. Nice meaty riffs to start things off. Those are some big tones. Leads from around 30 secs are fantastic. I might change the levels slightly (rhythm guitars down) when the leads are playing but that is a very minor comment. You are clearly a very good player and have a lot of good ideas. The track arguably lacked a bit of direction/"glue" but it was an enjoyable listen. The riffs from around 2:30 really hit the spot. The end riff is the sort of thing I love- Opeth-y/Behemoth vibes- awesome. Overall great job!

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Yea nice song and nice hair you're clearly a well put together proper guitar player. The mixing and mastering of the song sounds very good through my Logitech G-430 headset. You have some nice syncopated riff towards the beginning, but the two parts that stuck out for me the most was the riff starting at 0:25 being cycled twice in a row, that's super good melodically to my ears.

then the sweep riff that comes in at 0:57, holy shit that is so viscerally delicious. I would of loved to hear the sweeping riff come in again at around 2:35, and then take us to the outro I think it would of gave the song more of a theme not just kind of a plethora of awesome riffs transitioning smoothly one after the other. Other then that I expected the solo to be great lol and it was that volume swell or whatever before the solo was sick. But yea that's the only critique I could give you, very nice composition and playing .

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