I'm after mixing tips please

I'm getting into this mixing game and after some pointers.

Recording a duo – female vocals, male vocal and acoustic guitar.

Live gig. I want to mix the sound to put back onto the video I have made.

I've got ambient room recording from xy mikes on top of Zoom Q4 video. To right of centre
Also on Zoom H6 recorder got line out from monitor off the mixing deck stereo mix right and left channels separate.
and another pair of xy ambient recordings to left of centre –

(I usually like to DI everyone and take separate channels for everyone/thing – but we were late and the show had already started. )

Now my question -

How to process the monitor out signal I have from the desk – any tips
My ambients are okay but full of sounds of people eating and clinking plates etc

I was thinking of using the ambients quite high in the mix as the performers say hello and then quickly fading out the 'live' sound during the performance only bringing back for the applause.

But how to mix the dry monitor sounds . Suggestions anyone please.
Please suggest possible aims regarding the EQ, Compression and Reverb/Delay etc

I suspect this must be quite a common issue for bands, but I couldn't find an answer anywhere to this.

Will be mixing in Studio One 2.

And if anyone knows – is there some cheap video editing software for synching my edited sound back in with the video sound. (If I buy Final Cut new version that does this I'll have to buy a new Mac etc etc)

Thank you to anyone who has any tips on this – or can refer me to an article covering this.
I'd use the dry signal as main sound source and mix that into narrow stereo, instead of the 100% stereo field say about 40%, then I'll mix in the ambient mikes lightly, since you have two XY pairs, try putting one more in the left and another in the right field as they were recorded, so one is 100% left say with only about 20% in the right field, and vice versa. You might have to try to match the phase on all three stereo tracks to the monitor mix by physically moving the signal, looking for louder hits. Might have to readjust phase as on longer recordings it tends to run away after say a song or thereabouts, so treat each song individually.

You can try just putting them up and see how that sounds, align if it doesn't sound right. It could be possible that your distance of both XY pairs wasn't the same then you'd have to make judgment call and use only one. Treat the whole thing with IR reverb algorithm to jel.

As far as audio/video editing platform, Sony Vegas is really easy to use and very professional, their light edition is pretty cheap, about $89 and can handle enough tracks for what you need.

Most likely you'll need Movie Studio Platinum:

I'm working with S1, so if you have any questions feel free to send me PM, I'd be happy to listen in on a snippet and give you my 2c.
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Thank you for the advice. I hadn't thought to check the phasing of my xy recordings
And sure enough about 180 out of phase!

The ambient sounds are very messy with chinking of plates and glasses etc
I may just fade up in the intro / applause

The feed of the desk is essentially 2 mono channels of combined vocals and guitar – as none of the inputs have been panned away from centre

I'm trying to create pseudo stereo
I've eq'd one feed for vocals – the song in question is only female vocals
and the other eq'd for acoustic guitar
Then panning right and left at about 40
with reverb 40 opposite the feed feed for each channel.

Eg vox 1 is 40 to right and reverb is 40 to left
guitar is 40 left and reverb 40 right (But I may change that and see if I can create any better spacial separation of the voice and guitar)
So far it's not really working to create a broader sound.
Tonight may play with a bit of delay on the vocal side see if that picks it out more too
and heavy eq to tone down the guitar in that channel

Any suggestions would be helpful.
Will check out the Sony program

So you have two mono source, one is guitar and the other vocals?
That'd be hard to make stereo, you'll have to use pseudo stereo tricks.
I'd treat just the guitars for stereo, leave vocal center.
Try some of these maybe:

You could try convolution reverb on the whole thing as well.
I think there is a mono to stereo plug in S1, it's in there but can't remember the name.

Try these:

I have some mastering plugins by Izotope and others that might help, if you want to send me just the guitar track as .was I'd be happy to run it for you.

You sure you can't use any of the sound information from the ambient mics? How about drastic eq, maybe leaving some hi mids and up only way in the back for widening of stereo image?
Thanks will try tonight
Don't have separate vox/guitar
In fact they are mixed together equally on right and left channel

I too was thinking about hard EQ on the ambient Could get rid of most of the chinky sounds
Then maybe use my two xy feeds to create weird stereo image.

Thank you for your suggestions -
Ie I get anything useful will send you the stems
Quote by St John 999

Don't have separate vox/guitar
In fact they are mixed together equally on right and left channel

Ouch...maybe your only hope is a stereo widener. If you want to send only these as stems I can see what I can do with the mastering audio wideners at my disposal.
Thanks for the help - here's a link to what I finally came up with. Main things was to get rid of the noise of people chinking their plates etc. The performers needed something posting so as to enter a music competition - So didn't have time to try out all the suggestions and offers of help.


Since then I have bought a heap of HOSA - insert/direct out cables - which should convert the insert on the mixing deck to a DI, which I can then steal. Hosa DOC-106 - I suspect could be a really handy cable - anyone used them?

Cheers everyone
Yeah, insert cables work - you can feed them directly into your audio interface, I've used to record that way for a while when I didn't have mic preamps on my audio interface (M-Audio Delta 1010).
The final result sounds pretty good, not crazy about the guitar DI sound (it is not ghastly but the typical piezo pickup nastiness) but otherwise you're ok.