I've got an offer for a custom oversized 112 cab with one Celestion G12H (Heritage aniversary), speaker is rated 30W.

Would I have problem driving this with a 50W power amp (Peavey 50-50)?

It's for riding this in my condo and have the speaker work a little, 'cause I have a 412 also but it needs to be driven louder in order to have a decent tone, so I don't need it to be extra loud, but to work enough so that I have a nice tone without having the neighbors knocking on my door! (please take note that it is sound proofed to a nice level, so I can still play loud enough!)

So, anyway, I got two offers for 112's:
One custom oversized with Celestion Heritage (G12H)
One Randall RD112-V30

I'm playing a wide range of tone, from Audioslave to As I Lay Dying, to Pink Floyd to Parkway drive (well, you catch my drift)

Driving this with Vox Tonelab EX trough Peavery 50/50

Thanks for any input!
You'll probably blow the speaker.
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You can do that, but you have to be careful not to send too much power in the speaker.

You need to use your judgement for that.
If you don't feel comfortable with that idea, turn the offer down.
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