Hello there,

The song builds up nicely. You add tension very well with the sabbathy riffs. I liked the phaser effect in the beginning. Your playing is pretty fluid as well. Did you improvise the solo, or is it composed?

It sounds like the drums are clipping or something, which is slightly disturbing. Maybe some more separation between rhythm and lead sounds. I would love to hear the riffs better because they sounded cool. Also the bass could be a little bit more prominent in the mix. That's just my opinion, though. I love bass

I liked this song more than your previous one. I think it's stylistic thing more than anything. I wonder where the name for this song comes from?

Check out my song, if you have time:
Yea I improvise most of my solos, that shit needs to come from the gut for me, I can replay most of my solos afterwards though. I am glad you like the song I actually still like my virtuous non believer track more then this one. As far as the bass Id turn it up but I kind of suck with it . The title for the track comes from a metaphor that applies to people who choose freedom from their consequences and not a freedom to have consequences for your choices thereby growing state/government power, and it's also part of a quote from Samuel jackson.