So i've been getting into jazz lately. I've been listening to the classic jazz players like miles davis, john coltrane etc. However, they're all old and dead. Does anyone know any good modern jazz musicians, that are still alive and playing? Thanks

The 'Modern Jazz' Genre today is enormously widespread and kind of hard to define, so you will get a very diverse set of recommendations that won't necessarily have much to do with the guys you mentioned.

Having said that, I would go for Avishai Cohen, Vijay Iyer, and maybe some Esperanza Spalding.

Subjective recommendation of course
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thanks for the recommendations. They all sound pretty good from the links you provided.
Wynton Marsalis is real good. You'll read a lot about his confrontational views and, I think, some literal fist-fights with other jazz players (including Davis!) - but, whatever you think of him, there is no denying the power of his conviction, or his ability as a musician and composer. I mean, listen to this! There is so much suffering, there, that it's painful to listen to. And it's harmonic complexity is expressed sublty, alongside some great playing.


If you want something totally opposite, though, maybe check out a group I like that put something out lately - a real acquired taste, I guess, and more like Davis' and Coltrane's later stuff. I don't know a damn thing about this band - I don't know who they are, where they're from, or what they represent. But listen to that roar!

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please listen to Dingo and TRON MAXIMUM !!
Russell Malone does jazz and some nice intervallic stuff.. John McLaughlin is still producing some great guitar work..check larry carlton his style is jazzy/blues ..mike stern is jazz/fusion ,, norman brown has developed into a very good jazz player..john stowell is a great player and has many lessons on line..Kurt Rosenwinkel and Julian Lage are names often heard in the jazz guitar world today..and one of the best jazz blues players Kenny Burrell..
play well

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