Hey all --

Been wanting to build a drum kit out of buckets and barrels and such. Seems like a fun idea, not entirely sure how to go about it.

If any of y'all have an already made tutorial I'm into that but specifically, these issues:

Stability of the drums to the ground; I can't just smack a bucket and hope it stays in the same spot.

Sound emulation; What materials/buckets/barrels/etc best emulate a snare, tom, etc?

The bass drum; I have absolutely no idea about this.

I know these sorts of things exist, not sure how common it is though. Any insight is appreciated.
for the bass drum, your gonna want to go big. how big is variable. have to try a lot of stuff out. for the snare, shoot for a metal tin with a plastic lid. for authenticity, you could attach snare wire, but i like a handful of pennies when i do this kind of stuff. and i like different sized coffee cans for tom stuff.