So here's my dilemma, I play a lot of funk/blues/ fuzz rock so I require beautiful tones like guitars from Fender. That being said, I love the look and feel of "metal" guitars like ones by Ibanez, Jackson, and B.C. Rich

I want a guitar with Fender tones and an ibanez-like buttery neck/cool body. What guitar am I looking for guys?
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You can't even find the right place to post this, how are you ever going to find the right guitar?
$80 strat copy should do it.
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Get an old RG550 series from Ibanez, since you love them, and swap the pickguard/electronics for single coils. Problem solved.

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Get a Gibson Explorer, yo.
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I have a Fender Showmaster thats amazing for that kind of idea. Its a Fender made superstrat. Thin set neck, great upper neck access, curved top. All around great guitar.
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Get a PRS or a Jackson you sloot

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Simple, you're looking for an Ibanez or Jackson with Fender pickups put into it.