Looking for a looper pedal that has integrated rhythm/drum machine.

Was looking at the DigiTech trio but its seems more like a smart jam machine that plays with what your playing instead of a loop. Although it has bass and drums instead of just drums which is neat

Looking to loop some chords together turn on the rhythm/drums then solo over that. Heard the Boss RC-3 was a hassle to fiddle with I don't know.
Need a multifx too? The Zoom G3 has a very nice looper and various drum beats.
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No.... Unless there's a multi fx I can do the 4 cable method that has a looper with rhythm/drums then were in business
The RC-3 is probably what you are looking for without getting into big money, the drums aren't anything special but will work for practicing and writing. If the cost of the RC-3 is prohibitive I might suggest the NUX loop-core - its a Chinese close of the RC-3 for about half the price or less.