Hey guys, just picked up a super clean Ibanez Prestige RG1527. Stock pickups are okay. I'm just wanting some more bite, we are playing in Drop A. I actually play lead for my band. (Metalcore mostly) I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for bridge and neck pick ups.

Bridge: something powerful with brutal lows and mids. But clean and articulate highs for my lead work and Solos.

Neck: something smooth but yet powerful and articulate I mostly use my neck pick up for sweeping and some scale stuff for solos.

Any help would be appreciated
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Maybe the titan dimarzio pickup set in the bridge and neck , if not the D-activator set. I heard people compare the D-activators to a passive equivelant of the EMG 85 without the sterility. I'm going to start with dimarzio pickups because it seems 99.9% of ibanez players go with them.

and my other suggestion is .. well this is a 2 parter but yeah.

but at the end of the day look for a sound/tone you're going for. See what your favorite bands use because from string material as i always say on here to pickup height and all make a big difference. But on any floating tremolo the brass big block upgrade is a must.