So I have decided to buy myself a vox looper enough for me to practice with at the minute.

At the end of each loop there is always a 1-3 second delay with nothing until the loop starts again. I've had a quick look on youtube but I can't really find anything about recording on loop pedals any advice would be appreciated.
I had the same delay problem when i first got my looper, a Boss RC-3 Loop Station, if it matters. Turned out to be a matter of timing, and took me a few weeks before I started getting seamless sounding loops.
You have to nail the timing when you hit the pedal - this is not easy. The slightest delay and your loop is ruined.
Yep, as others say, the delay is from your timing, so just practice a bit.

The seventh string software 'Transcribe!' is also a great tool but not quite for the same purpose.
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If you have a PC/laptop, it's worth checking out sevethstring software ... great for slowing down/retuning/looping sections of a tune with great sound.

if you have a pc/laptop you can just use a DAW and not have to use the looper at all....
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I think he may be wanting to use the looper as it is great practice to loop your chords and then play leads over the top. I've seen people play live. on their own, by layering up 1 or 2 tracks on the looper and playing over it.

As said, Transcribe! and DAW are good but for a different purpose.
To be fair it's just came from watching Ed Sheeran play live a lot on youtube and as spider says spices up playing solo a bit.
Are you able to keep tempo with your foot?

Have you tried with your other foot?

I had a hard time when I started using one, had to time myself real good but I was trying with my left foot, I didn't realize but I keep tempo with my right foot. Changed it to my right foot and it's always on the click!!
You have to press it precisely on the downbeat as you finish it.
Think of it as the "release" of what you are playing