Hi there, this is my 3rd ever recording (other 2 songs are still in the works)

Its still a demo so things may change but this is the basic structure, hope you dont get bored, After nearly a week working on this its finally done. Taking cues from Iron Maiden and Dream Theater here is a prog-ish style song, I don't claim to be either Steve Harris or John Petrucci but I did my best!

Drums are programmed and it was all done in Cubase SX3, this isnt my bands work but my own.

The solo isnt great I know, but im a rhythm player soo, yeah, also the outro is a bit touch and go.


constructive criticism is welcomed
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I think I hear electric bass, could be louder much of the time. Drums sound good. Some good vocals would be nice. Guitar riffs are good. I thought my Cubase LE4 was old! I think Cleopatra used Cubase SX3 (sorry, couldn't resist). SX3 seems to be working fine. Yeah, the guitar solo needs work. Please review my music at this link:

Nice stuff. I am a sucker for a rising riff like the first one. I get quite a maiden-y vibe from this which is added to by the fairly simple but effective drum patterns. The tone is a bit thin at times- I'd recommend double tracking the guitars if you haven't tried this before. The playing however is very tight and the ideas are great. Given the song structure I think it could really do with some vocals but I never add vocals to my tracks so can't criticise! I can't tell if there's bass or not- I'd don't think so. This would help fill the track out and give it more punch. It could have used a few more variations for a song of that length (or simply some vocals) but overall it was a good listen. Love the Egyptian riffing around around 6:30. Don't be so hard on your soloing, it was generally good with interesting note choices. Some minor timing issues but keep at it! A cool song with solid riffs.

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Thanks guys! Yeah there was bass and i double tracked (quad tracked in places) the guitars lol, i have quite a good soundcard and sound system at home so i didn't hear any issues, maybe the bass could be louder i agree but i did a lot of peddling on the 5th string (its in drop A btw), so it may not be as audible due to the low frequency.

Vocal wise id love to add some but i have no lyrics and im not much of a singer lol. Id probably Sig about the subject matter since im quite interested in Egyptian mythology.

I promise ill get back to you on your songs, im on my phone at the mo but would like to hear it on my pc
hey hey !

Nice song =)
Generally, it's good quality and I will go trough some details I noticed^^
The drums are good, nice tone, I really like how the snare sounds. Even if, I think some changes in the attack of the snare would be nice.
the rythm guitar and bass, I've got some times the impression that there are too much distorted but some times, I don't haha. It's mainly when the lead enters.
The lead has a goog tone, and it's not too agressive and we hear it nicely.

At 4.54, it's my favorite part, really prog style, I enjoyed it.

Overall, it's nice composed for a prog song. To me, it's the most impressive thing haha

Keep it up !