My band, Residual Blue, is an odd mix of pop-punk, indie and emo. We're towards the end of writing our first album, and we released two songs recorded in a personal studio.
The record will be much more refined, but here's our simple little single-


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This is great. Love the emo 12 year old boy vocals. Just kidding, probably a woman. Still good. I don't see the "emo" side of this, it's pure pop-punk to me. But unlike a lot of pop-punk there are intricate and small detailed guitar riffs, almost like Fugazi. I don't really like the distorted toy-guitar tone, but that may be due to the recording process. i like the distorted/clean dual guitars, are there two guitar players? I also appreciate how they're not playing exactly the same thing. The bass can be turned up a bit. You guys could also definitely benefit from recording analog so it sounds less papery. Overall I think this is good and I would probably have a good time seeing you live! Keep it up