I have a couple of tracks here from back in the Audio Galaxy days, before mp3 tagging became a thing, I wanna see if you guys can give the tracks a listen and help me identify the bands


you can click on the little speaker icon to listen to the files. all the tracks are titled "Unknown Artist" followed by the beginning letter range of the bands name, I made a couple of guesses but i'm not sure
wow, an 02er

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A poem.
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no clues what you guys are on about, but here's what i got from other forums

Unkown Artist At (maybe Atheist)" is indeed Atheist's On They Slay (a demo version)
The vocalist of "Unkown Artist 3 4" reminds me a little of the Gorefest guy

"Ag-Al 3" is Aghora's Immortal Bliss, apparently. The YouTube comments for it suggest that your version is some old keyboard-containing demo that disappeared from the internet a while ago, so that's pretty neat.

give the tracks a listen and help me out
darude sandstorm

longing rusted furnace daybreak seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car
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darude sandstorm

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