Hey man !

I listened to your song, I liked even if the quality isn't great^^ It reminds me the black keys. The song was good, and I'm sure it will be better if its recorded in studio or home studio =)
You definitively have something, but on this track the drums were too loud so I couldn't hear the guitar and vocals properly. However, it's just a recording problem, nothing wrong with the song itself

Keep it up !

Cheers !
Hi there mate, thanks for the crit on my track! I enjoyed the atmosphere at the start of this song because I wasn't sure what to expect but as soon as the riff kicked in I liked it a lot. I can tell how this song sounds even though the quality isn't great and I do like it, my only crit is those high notes that the vocals are trying to reach they don't sound too great and I think there is definitely room for improvement on those high parts. all in all though the song is good with great riffs, beat and melody
Audio quality is not bad for a live recording (I know it's not easy to sound good in a live recording). At times the guitar sounds flat pitch-wise (could be the string bending or whammy bar note bending or guitar is just out of tune). Guitar riffs are good otherwise. Singing sounds a bit pitchy at times. Though I myself have experienced hearing my synthesizer sound flat pitch-wise when I know darn well it was playing in tune during a live recording. Perhaps high volume causes this? I like the guitar tone (relatively speaking, at around 5:00). Sounds pretty good for a live recording, though I have no doubt it sounded better when being at your gig. Having a video would help entertainment-wise. I'm sure a home studio recording would sound better, though these things are good to keep for memories' sake. Please review my music at this link:

Hey dude
Your song was a lot of "fun" to listen to!

But seriously this is a nice jam and you desevered that applause at the end. The begining riff had me a bit skeptical but it sounded and felt right once the rest of the song was heard. Also almost forgot that it was live it sounded alrite, i took it for black sabbathy esque mixing or something. Very tasty solos in here, I rlly liked what I heard! Also thank you for the C4C on my song!
Instantly eerie atmosphere leads into a darkly heavy groove. Listening through the poor sound quality I hear a palpable vibe here, full of ominous suggestion and grinding groove. Loads of feeling here, loads of energy and verve, I bet this sounded and felt great live at the gig. Meaty rock cum funk that reminds me a bit of Beefheart with its irreverent glory, although this is tighter arranged. The playing noticeable improves as the song goes on, sounding tighter and slicker. Some great wild crazy guitar in there.
Well cool.
For something more twee you can C4C here.
The transition from the ominous atmosphere to the rock groove was awesome. The vocals in the choruses could be more 'meatier' and stronger, like the vocalist did around 2:11-2:13. If you really drive that and make those choruses pop out with the vocals with the energy, it'll be next level amazing. Overall, it is a sweet fun tune for a live performance. Bravo! Obviously the quality will be there if you record in the studio, so no worries on that. I followed you on Soundcloud. Looking forward to listening more of your set on your page there.

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