Hey. I'm just starting to play the acoustic again after years and I'm already getting frustrated with what I remember getting frustrated with originally - strumming patterns. I can switch chords all day long but I'm really bad at replicating the patterns for songs I hear.

The song in particular is Perfect Blue Buildings by Counting Crows. I've tried to find some youtube videos of acoustic covers but no one seems to get it quite right.

Any tips? And just tips in general for strumming patterns?
I feel you shouldn't fret too much about the strumming patterns. For playing in an ensemble, yes, you can't have 5 guys playing their own style and hoping for the best, but for being the only accompaniment, I think you can basically do whatever.

This is going to sound frustrating, but play what you feel is the strumming pattern. Accent the beats that you can hear, just play past what you can't.

You don't need it to be 100%, unlike chord changes.
I've actually started slowing videos down on you tube if I can't get the strumming pattern makes working it out slightly easier then once you think you have it go to normal speed again and play along.

works slightly better on live versions with the guitar showing most of the time as you can see the chords/hands.

on the you tube video click the settings button (cog) select speed to 0.5
Thanks guys. That slowing down youtube is a good tip but I only have my phone. I just need to practice with keeping a consistent beat that fits the song. I can change chords 100% perfectly, just get mixed up with a consistent strumming pattern.
Like triface said, strumming pattern really shouldn't be of much concern if you are solo. It's okay to have variety in how you strum over the course of a song, prevents things from being monotonus.

Generally I go with what feels comfortable, and if it feels weird/incorrect, I just listen to the song more.