This is a song I wrote a little while back, I recorded all the guitars and the bass. This has a solo in progress as well, was my 3rd improv attempt lol. Recorded with my Schecter PT and line 6 Spider II on garage band. Let me know what you guys think. C4C!

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I like it man, is that a 7 string or tuned down 6er?

Some really nice and melodic riffs going on here for such a heavy tone, I like the contrast. Obviously it could do with some drums, but that isnt a critism as I know first hand how hard it can be to record/program drums.

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Intro is fantastic. Sounds like old school video game music when the harmony kicks in haha. The riff afterwards is solid and will sound great with drums and some bass. Keep working on it- it is a great base for a song. Bridge riff is a nice change up- again it will sound great with some big drums behind it. Lead playing is solid. Nice tones but I wonder if they will be almost too "big" once bass and drums are added- look forward to finding out!

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Hard for me to tell there is electric bass in this. Needs drums desperately. I lucked out and got EZDrummer for $30 on sale at Guitar Center (though I always use one of the EZX's or Superior Drummer instead of the basic EZDrummer 1 drum set for acoustic drum sounds recently); I recommend something like that, though it usually costs over $100US for the basic EZDrummer. I like a lot of the guitar riffs. Please review my music at this link:

Definitely produce this song! Let us hear the panned guitars, the strong bass with some kickass drumming. There are great ideas, makes me remember the early In Flames era with some KSE touches - and I sigh, because I love those two, haha!

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