Hi all,

I have this relatively cheap little pocket guitar amp which I hadn't used for several years, but thought seeing as it can be battery powered it may or may not be useful for busking. Anyway when I tried to use it, it started making some weird sounds - probably why I stopped using it a while ago! The sound it makes is not a crackling sound, but almost a "wobble"sound whenever a note is played. I guess you can describe it as when you play a note it starts to send out almost bad sounding pulses - anyway it doesn't sound like it should and is definitely unplayable like this!

Tests I've done so far:
- Tried using different guitars and even plugging in headphones, to yet again have this same kind of horrible wobbling noise
- Tried using a different speaker, to have the same wobble, so I presume it's to do with the electronics
- (although technically not what you should do) I tried lowering the voltage of the power cable and as the voltage got lower, the wobble noise almost seemed to disappear, although the amp was very distorted, even on the clean channel

Things I haven't tried yet:
- I haven't gone through testing the individual components with a multi-meter, because if any of you have a rough idea what could be the problem, it would narrow down the tests I'd have to do

I like to think I am good enough to use a soldering iron to replace parts and have several components lying around, which I could use to replace if necessary. I understand its only a cheap amp, but if I can get it to work, that would be great!

Whilst I'm at it, I may even consider modding it, although for now I just want to get it working!

Thanks for any advice in advance and I look forward to hearing what you have to say.
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Input jack? Make sure there's always a good connection there. 'Weird wobble' makes me think tremolo, volume swells. So, it's losing signal somewhere maybe? I'd crack it open and see what there is to see. Using the 5 senses can go very far in troubleshooting.

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Okay thanks for your reply, I don't think its the input jack - I may be wrong, but that "weird wobbling noise" is hard to explain. Basically instead of a speaker crackling sound etc, when a note is played it sounds almost as if the note is clipping. Yes that's what happens for distortion, but this is so much so that it "wobbles" with the clipping. So say you play a note , it basically pulses this kind of clipping sound. At lower voltages it doesn't seem to clip as much and at say 3V you can get a relatively "guitar like" sound out of it. Maybe the best thing would be to record a video of the sound - I'd be interested to see how others describe the sound!!