I'm planning to buy my friend's Hughes & Kettner Warp 7 212 Combo. I want to have a better metal amp for some Judas Priest-y style. I now have a Fender Mustang I V2 amp, nothing too special. Anything I should know about the Warp 7 212 before I buy it? Do you have experiences with this amp? He is selling it for 150 euros to make some money and room for his newer Marshall.
Impossible for us to answer. Try this maybe:


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"READ the original post: Don't just post away! Read what the threadstarter is asking you!"

He's not asking what amp to buy, he's asking for input on a specific amp.

Right. I read his OP and said it was impossible for us to help with such limited information. I mean, it is his friend. He has access to it. Play it. If you like and all you have is $150 then buy it. I was trying to pull more information out of him. Therefore, I didn't just post away. I provided a recommendation to help. You on the other hand... did not.
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never seen or heard the amp before. So here are a few questions do you like it? Have you looked at the used market by you? you might be able to find a better deal so shop around your local stores online classifieds... ect... ect..
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Typical solid state NuMetal sounding amp. 150 ain´t cheap nor expensive. There´s a guy in Germany selling a Warp7 head & 4x12 cab for 200 Euros, nuff said.
Did some research myself. I have played the amp before but it was in a bad position behind a bed so I can't say whether it sounded good or not. Still gonna have to play it myself when I visit him and see that everything works properly. Thanks for the help everyone!
the warp 7 was geared towards nu metal players. they were made at the peak of the nu metal scene. that being said....its bass heavy and has a scooped mid tone. would it be my first choice for priest stuff?? IMO no.

save your bread man.
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I would definitely pass. It's not worth that either.
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