So go easy on me here, I'm new and this is my first thread lol so sorry in advance if it's in the wrong area of there is another thread or two discussing the same topic else where.

So I've been playing acoustic guitar for 6 months & this week I got the chance to get my hands on a complete bargain of a very nearly new 12 string guitar. I'm loving it but alas it didn't come with a bag or case. Any recommendations for a case or bag that would fit. My local shop didn't have one that fitted :-(
I feel your pain. My 12-string ES-335 is currently without a case since the original Gibson case (this is a '67 guitar that's been around the world at least two and a half times) rotted away, and it won't fit in anything that holds a stock 335 because of the longer headstock.

You might want to write to the various bag companies, give them the body shape/dimensions and (in particular) the length of the guitar and see what they have available.

As it turns out, G&G case company is very near my old studio here in Los Angeles, and they're able to build a custom case (not cheap!) for nearly anything I'm willing to haul in.
I usually start my search for cases with Gator (I don't dig bags, but they make those, too).

Road Runner also has some nice ones.
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