The cat character, Morgana, also makes an appearance early on in the game and is said to ffxivmall play an important role in the story.Persona 5's battle system will once again be turn-based, although the development team have made several changes to hopefully make it more enjoyable to Final Fantasy XIV players. Each character will carry a distinct gun that will allow them to make ranged attacks. They won't be actual guns, although something similar to them are said to be usable in battle.As for dungeons, Persona 5 will feature locations that aren't automatically generated, although that doesn't mean there won't be any automatically generated elements within the game itself.Last, but not least, Persona 5 will feature a Social Link-like feature, which hasbeen a staple for the Persona series over the years. The ConversationOlliOlli 2 takes inspiration from THPS 2 and Tiny Wings. Roll7 announced OlliOlli 2 back in late September that will feature a new OlliOlli engine as well as some other changes. Today, Simon Bennett took to the PlayStation Blogto highlight just what new features we can expect in OlliOlli 2.One of the biggest game changers in OlliOlli 2 is the addition of Manuals and Combos, which just like in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, allows Final Fantasy XIV players to chain together combos, which increases the scoring potential the higher the combo. Grind switches have also been included, which makes it possible to switch between two grind types, so long as you nail the grind perfectly, and Epic Tricks.As far as levels go, OlliOlli 2 will include curved ground, ramps, and rails, which are said to add a completely new flow that is reminiscent of Tiny Wings' gameplay mechanics as skaters will need to compress and release out of ramps.