Can anyone help? I'm trying to learn the solo to Bat Country by A7X, however there's a section of the solo in which I need to quickly alternate pick 4 frets and use all 4 fingers. My issue is I, for some reason, can't fret my ring finger quick enough and sometimes it won't even more. I end up only using my index, middle and pinky finger. What can I do to fix this?
Any help is much appreciated!
Sounds like you're having trouble with unnecessary tension. It's one of those things that you may not notice you're doing that can really make things difficult and can cause repetitive strain injuries if you keep playing like that. Just slow down and relax. Pay attention to keeping the muscles in your hand and fingers as relaxed as possible, using the minimum force needed to press the string down. Shake your hand out and let it hang limp at your side, pay attention to how that feels and bring your hand up to the fretboard, maintaining that relaxed feeling and push down the string with the least amount of force it takes to get the note to sound, then relax again. Spend a little time doing that with each finger. Anytime you notice you're getting tense this is a good exercise to do. It may take a while for your muscles to learn this relaxed style of playing

When something is giving you trouble practice at really slow speeds so you can be sure your hand is relaxed and you can play it perfectly. If you play anything slowly enough you can do it perfectly. You have to really get it in muscle memory, they have to learn the right way to move before they can do it faster, and if you are having trouble with something at higher speeds it just means you need to slow down. Focus more on doing it right, as slowly as you have to, and once you have that you can slowly up the tempo.

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If you ever mess up, it's cuz you're playing too fast.

I could play the hardest guitar solo of all time right now, and so could you, provided you play it slow enough.
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If you ever mess up, it's cuz you're playing too fast.

I could play the hardest guitar solo of all time right now, and so could you, provided you play it slow enough.

True, assuming no physical problems.

But I had similar problem, except for me it was both 3rd and 4th fingers ... due to ulnar nerve damage from weight training. As a result, I lost control of those fingers gradually (my fretting hand) ... eventually had surgery to release the nerve from where it was jammed in my elbow joint.

cheers, Jerry
Slow, deliberate practice that stretches your fingers is the only way to improve your finger dexterity. Get a metronome and think up some finger-stretching techniques that heavily involve your pinky. While practicing, focus on making the smallest moves possible with each finger. You want all of your fingers as close to the fret board as possible, even when they aren't playing anything. One exercise to help with that is the spider. I'm not sure if I can post Youtube videos or not but do a search on "The Spider" - Ultimate Finger Control workout . I just randomly found that one but that explains what I'm talking about.

What it all boils down to, however, is finding some good licks to practice, starting out slow, upping your speed once you've perfected a BPM and practicing as much as possible. Practicing every day or every other day for 20 minutes is going to be way more effective than one 2 hour practice session every week. Be sure to log your progress as well. Logging your speeds and tracking your progress will not only improve your willingness to practice but will also let you see how far you've come.
I'm assuming based on your registration date that you're still a beginner..
That particular part of the Bat Country solo is the hardest section and if you're still a beginner you will never play it correctly at full speed. No amount of grinding at the metronome is going to fix that. I'm a firm believer in challenging yourself, but it's important to recognize the difference between a challenge and the impossible. Some things you simply aren't ready for, regardless of how much you practice. This is most likely one of those things.