the answer is none - however, the Holy Grail is a good affordable reverb, as is the Hall of Fame. To get a real fender spring sound you need a spring though - Fender makes an external spring unit but it's the size of an amp head and costs $500.00.

I bought the Lonestar Special for the sole purpose of having a great real spring reverb in a quality tube amp combo that would sound good at lower levels.

i gotta ask, what amp are you using?
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I agree with reverb 66. To me no pedal ever sounds like an old Fender spring reverb. I always related it to the fact that the reverb springs are somewhat effected by the speakers in the amp so they are always vibrating slightly in sync with the speakers in the amp. I think it's part of that sound. There are a lot of great reverb pedals but there is something special about a Fender spring reverb in a Fender amp.
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