I have a Gibson Les Paul Signature T. And there's a few issues I have whether or not they're connected I don't know.

First I get a humming noise when using my guitar I've tried it on 2 amps and through my Xbox using that rocksmith game. I've tried it in both humbucker and coil tapped single coil the humming is the same on both. At first I thought maybe it was stuck in single coil mode for whatever reason but I hear the noticeable tonal difference between the 2 so I've ruled that out. Its just weird its happening on the humbuckers since I thought that was the point of humbuckers. The humming does stop when I touch something metal on guitar ( strings, bridge, saddle). Which brings me to my second issue...

Second my guitar shocks me. Not a powerful shock but an annoying one.... Feels like those old fake pens that would shock you when you tried to click it.... Its the best description I can think of...anyway it is sort of painful when it does it on my upper arm . it doesn't do it when I touch strings only when I get near the screws on the bridge and saddle that's the only place it shocks me. Its a steady shock too as long as I hold my arm there it shocks me.

Pups are 57' classic and 57'classic plus in neck and bridge respectively.... If it matters
You have a grounding issue. Take it to a tech or fix it yourself. Or return the guitar if you can and get a new one.
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Yup, you are the ground wire since the one that is supposed to be on the guitar is not properly soldered. Super easy to fix, if you have a soldering iron it should take 5 minutes tops.