Anyone have a problem with this too? Really need tips on this. My thumb will get hot and sweaty and will stick to the back, and the friction really screws over my power chords and bar chords. My fingers will also sort of stick to the strings. Getting my hand up and down the fretboard becomes insanely tiring, and my whole hand will start hurting.
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Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before playing, that really helps for me, and I have pretty acidic fingers.
keep a hand towel nearby and dry your hands when they start to sweat. you could even use a little rubbing alcohol.
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Two things I always have close by on a gig is small bottle of hand gel/sanitizer and a small hand towel. I recommend cheap Walmart brand towels and dollar store bottles of hand sanitizer. I could be wrong but I never noticed any residue of the hand gel affecting my strings but since I change strings fairly regularly it doesn't seem noticeable in the short run. I make sure my hands air dry completely before touching anything but that only takes 10 seconds. I'm someone who sweats and I play a lot of outdoor gigs in the summer so it's even worse this time of year.
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keep your hands clean..I use baby powder sometime in humid climate..not a lot just enough to keep hands dry..and as suggested a hand towel..
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