You might get reported and chastised for self-promotion, but on the surface, that's a fair article. We got burned by an awful producer who thought that making dubstep was enough to start recording live bands (it isn't), but fortunately all we wasted was time.

I disagree with your closing point though; big-name producers aren't necessarily any better than smaller-name producers, and I once heard an argument on here that bigger guys who are used to working with bigger bands might half-ass some no-namers who are working with them, unlike a smaller guy who would be more committed to the work and therefore be worth more for your money. But then again, being associated with a more famous producer can generate attention itself, so there's credit to your side as well.

I'd also say you'd want to double-check your spelling, spacing and punctuation - those kind of mistakes make any article look un-"proffesional" (closing line of point 6), and it makes people more likely to just instantly give up and close the article without properly reading it. Hope that helps, keep it up
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