so the worst/meanest mod ever (aka DisarmGoliath) locked that last thread, I have this one now because I wanted to post in the other one and DisarmGoliath is the worst/meanest mod.


during the christmas holiday, my four year old nephew saw a bird and shouted "Go away!" while chasing the bird. He said it probably like twenty times or something.

Holiday is over, it's now a catchphrase that he loves to say. His mum (my sister) told him that I'm the only person he can say that to. Apparently he kept telling her to go away lol.

Anyway, fastforward a few months. His cousins are over for dinner. I start talking to my nephew and here's how it went:

(J=me, A=nephew, L=A's cousin)
J: A I have a secret for you
A: what is it?
J: come over here so I can whisper it to you
A: Ok
J: (whispering) go away
A: Giggles
L: A, what was the secret?
A (turning around all excited): Go away!
L: No A, what's the secret?
A: go away!

repeat for about eight minutes. Eventually L was going to give him a chocolate cupcake, some M&Ms and whatnot, just to know what the secret was. But she'd been told about 30 times what it was.

my finest moment as an uncle
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You have the ingenuity of a potato.

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