Hey guys,

I'm the drummer for my fairly new band Whoa Momma, offering a slice of 70s riff driven broth topped with a modern glaze, really just looking for some constructive feedback, drop us a like if you like and maybe we could play your birthday party for free cake?



Let me know what you think?

I'm listening to "the way you do it." I was first struck by that reverb. Real nice. I'm a big 'verb fan. Sounds like maybe it's home recorded, but it's layered pretty nicely. Drums could be up in the mix a bit, maybe a bit less guitar, although they are some riffs. Good singer, like a not-lame Rod Stewart. You guys would be way better of recording on analog for that warmer reel sound (I assume this is digital). Do you guys play shows in the UK?

If you come to Portland, OR we can play a show together
Thanks for the feedback dude, we record at our lock up so its basically garage recordings!
Haha our vocalist will love that...Analog is the absolute dream we're thinking of investing in a desk but it's a big jump when you're used to the convenience of cubase.
Yeah mainly around the West Midlands in the UK mainly the Birmingham area, haha if only we still had our jet!