Im an experienced guitar player new to home recording. I recently purchased a new computer for my son that's pretty high powered so I thought I would try to get in to home recording. I downloaded reaper and started reading online about amp sims. So anyways I bought a line 6 ux 1 interface and have been messing with lepou plugins and catharsis cab impulses. Ive watched a lot of tutorials and no matter how much tweaking I do it sounds like muddy dog shit. I tried some eqing at the end of the fx chain and it sounds slightly better but no where near what ive heard some guys getting out of these amp sims. Im wondering if its not the interface. Ive read some negative things on the line 6 and am wondering if the focusrite 2i4 will make that big of difference. Ive spent hours the last couple weeks trying to figure it out. I would rather be playing my guitar than pissing around with this sound problem. Im a shredder looking for some good rhythm tone and creamy leads. Its driving me nuts is it the line 6 interface or is it me
Make sure you have updated all of the drivers for the interface. The interface itself should have come with a CD containing the drivers but those tend to be outdated. I did a quick search on Line 6 and their website for downloading drivers is here: http://line6.com/software Pick your interface with the first drop down, then drivers in the second drop down and click Go.

Also, make sure the drivers on your actual computer are updated as well. If you just purchased a new computer, they could be a bit outdated. If you are on a Windows machine, you can go to Start->Control Panel->Windows Update->Check for Updates . If you are on a MAC, google how to do it.

If none of those help, could you let me know what kind of computer you have? That interface you got should work fine and the problem most likely resides on your computer rather than in the interface itself.
I updated my computer and the difference is like night and day, The drivers for the interface were updated Ive checked that like a hundred times. Thanks I really appreciate it. It was driving me nuts. Is there that much of a difference in the interface as far as sound quality? If you were to plug a focusrite in would you notice a difference?

Considering what you're doing, if you're asking this question you're probably not gonna hear any difference even if you A/B the two.
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A better interface would make a difference, if you're willing to crack that nut. Most likely, it won't be 'just an interface'. I went in to GC to buy and interface, and ended up buying a set and monitors, stands, cables, etc... The only way to know if the recording sounds 'that much' better it to be able to hear it that way.
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I was pissed at Tascam for discontinuing drivers for an old interface. When I upgraded OSX one day it would never work again, 64 bit driver, no others allowed to make one either. The hardware is fine, never buy another Tascam for that reason