Hi, I have just picked up a Yamaha 112J a few months ago. Since then, I have been trying to get that nice, heavy distortion that I see other guitars get. However, even when I use other guitars on other amps, the distortion seems to be harsh, as if everytime I hit the strings, a bunch of static is generated and mixed with the sound. The problem is definitely not with the amp, since I use amplitube. Because of this, I cannot use distortion pedals, as the sound seems more like static, to the point where it becomes a little hard to tell slight changes in notes apart. I am planning on swapping the stock humbucker for a Seymour Duncan JB, and the neck pickup for a cool rails. Before I do that, I wanted to know, is there something I am doing wrong??
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Need some clarification here. Are you getting this problem with amp or without amp?

Do you get static or not? Static is noise that you get even when you don't strum the guitar. That is a tough one to solve.

Or are you talking about indistinct notes but no static? That sounds too me like there's too much gain/overdrive/distortion and bad equalization. Lower gain/overdrive/distortion, and tinker with the eq settings.

You could off course have both, static and poor settings.
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The problem is definitely not with the amp, since I use amplitube.

Erm, it very well could be, or more likely your guitar to PC connection. If you're plugging straight into your sound card with a 1/4 to 1/8" adapter, you're strangling the sound. You need an interface of some sort. Plenty of help on this in the Recordings section stickies. The static you're describing sounds like you're clipping somewhere along the line.

Better pickups are always an option, and a JB is a good strat pickup for distortion, but I don't think your guitar is the issue here.
don't bother with a pickup change as amplitude won't know the difference. to much gain could be the issue and a poor connection to your computer could also be another.

even if you get this issue fixed don't expect miracles from your current setup. amplitude while a decent program can only get you so much tone wise. you can't really expect to sound like a guy using a high end tube amp or something like axe-Fx.
I'll post a link as soon as I get home.
There is certainly no clipping though. I pass the sound through a nux pedal, lower the sound, then I use the adapter. When I play on clean, the sound is, well, clean, without any sort of clipping.
There is some background static though, but that was not what I was talking about.
I already tried reducing gain, and that did help a bit, but not much. However, it's metal distortion that I want, not an overdriven guitar sound.
Most of the time, I use amplitube, bypass the cabinet, and use an irs of an orange cabinet.
The best way to describe the sound I get is too much treble, but turning down treble gives a muddy sound. My treble knob is usually at 9~10 o'clock.
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That noise was just what I was talking about!!! It happens even with the metal amp only, and no pedals. Any suggestions??

Or does this issue come from the pickups??
What are you using to connect to the computer.
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Currently, just a cheap 1/4" to usb interface. I'll get a decent interface soon though.