Hey guys, im about to purchase a used RG370DX for a good price. However, I heard the tremolo is shite.

S/N is I 070233092

I know this is Indonesian but is it worth around £160?
The RG370DX is a pretty decent guitar for the price. I wouldn't pay more than $200USD (£130?) for a used one with stock pickups, though.

I have one, it's a great lower-intermediate guitar. Sounds awful unplugged and the pickups should be swapped. The tremolo has never given me issues outside of minor tuning instability during dive bombs and flutters.
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If it's one of the older 370's (before the Edge Zero II bridge came out) I'd skip it. The Edge III's those guitars came with just weren't very good quality bridges. They really struggled to stay in tune over a long period of time. A good quality Floyd Rose should never give you any tuning issues over any period of time, provided they're set up right and they're generally well taken care of.

In my experience, you get what you pay for when it comes to Floyds. And if a Floyd Rose cannot stay in tune, then there is no point in having it.

The INF pickups those guitars came with also suck.
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I have basically the same type of guitar and I love mine. Floating trem can be difficult in the beginning but you'll have the option of changing your string height to desired position. If you use the bar a lot it'll sometimes get out of tune from what I've heard. Mine has been a great buy and I'd never get rid of it.