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I cried at the end!! BUTT MERCY 4EVR IN R <3's!!!
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Butt Mercy had a good run but I'm glad they dead.
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I want a Max Buttz instructional video that guy kicks butt.
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hey what happened to Butt Rumbler
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I alluded in my last thread that I had something big I was working on. This is not that lol. I had planned to do a huge data dump of all of the stuff I've been working on, but I figured that half of it would never be heard because no one wants to scrimmage through 40+ songs, especially if they don't like the first few. So instead I'll probably just upload things as I finish them. This will also be beneficial as I'd prefer receiving feedback while the content's fresh, rather than months later when I don't give a shit about it.

So basically I've been doing a series of "forced creativity" projects to target my musical weaknesses by writing in different styles while having specific restrictions and goals. This was my attempt at modern rock/metal.
This is probably the most barebone songwriting you'll hear from me (on GP); just guitars, bass, and drums.
Since I'm not good at writing riffs (or solos...or drums) I decided to apply a concept to cover it up. However the music itself was written mostly seriously and I tried to make it interesting (as opposed to the rest of my music, where I purposefully test your resilience.)

Also, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've uploaded any legit "songs" so yay me.

Now, Butt Mercy proudly presents...


"Heresy" - The band plays their rad new song with lyrics such as "Butt Mercy kicks butt"
and "I eat butts for breakfast". But just as the lead guitarist "Max Buttz" kicks into an
ass kicking guitar solo, the music popo crash the party. They inform BM (Butt Mercy) that
they are simply too cool for Buttopia and that they are under arrest.

"Black Rain" - BM are publicly sentenced to exile. The citizens of Buttopia are
deeply crushed by the news, though they know it's for the greater good.

"Oasis" - BM are cast out. Never having left the comfort of Buttopia they experience
massive culture shock after only 8 seconds of being exposed to the surrounding desert.
They quickly spot an Oasis, however they know it could possibly be a mirage, so they send
the bassist "Butt Rumbler" alone.

"Sandworm" - While BM are waiting for Butt Rumbler to return, they are attacked by a massive
Sandworm. They run away but BM are no super heroes and they are eaten immediately.

"Dysphemism" - Now in heaven, BM must play a song before the Booty God to enter.
King Badonkadonk fears that BM's presence will be too much for the citizens of Anal Heaven.
They play, and just as King B. is about to dismiss them, Prince Asshair makes the save and
pees all over King Badonkadonk's beard. King B. shrieks in agony and runs to take a shower.
Prince Asshair offers BM his hand. They kiss it and he takes them into Anal Heaven.

(Btw I've learned that TuxGuitar (and GP6?) don't recognize the F10 mix table, so I put some of the instrument changes as text so you know what's going on.)
(P.S. I googled "synonyms for butt" twice while writing this. I didn't use any of the suggestions but I just wanted everyone to know.)
(P.S.S. Limited edition is supposed to have bonus tracks but you got a misprint so deal with it.)
Butt Mercy - Greatest Hits Vol. 3 (2015).zip
i see your girl
she leavin wit me

I'm playing wit her booty
in the back seat
Heresy was a nice, bombastic rock track. Nice, catchy riffs all through. Love that recurring thing you start in measure 3 with Butt Hero. Measure 50 to the end was certainly epic. Give yourself some credit, though, that was a pretty rockin' solo.

Black Rain's intro and verse were nice. The drum beat was very groovy thanks to those oddly placed open high hat hits. Nice bassline in those sections too. The solo had a arabic/Phrygian sound to it, and I like that a lot. I recommending adding a few subtle nuances to the drum part so that it doesn't get stale as the song goes on. Nice interplay between the lead and overdub on the outro.

Oasis sounded like a modernish western in the first 12 bars, which was cool. When it hits bar 13 in grooves really hard. The leads were cool in that section. The break and the bass solo after were awesome. The rest was very nice. I must reiterate that the leads in this were sick. I feel like it could have been a Samurai Jack instrumental if they'd ever got around to making another western themed episode.

Sandworm felt very southern. The riff at 18 was cool and hit hard and heavy in context with all the music that was heard before it. Badass chorus. The solo was cool. When it hit, it gave a lot of color to the piece. The riffs under it were also sick. The thrashy second chorus was fire. The second solo was blistering ear candy. Kinda bummed there wasn't more drum variation though.

The opening choral arrangement for Dysphemism was pretty sick. Those open 16ths on the E in 11-14 were HEAVY. I suggest swapping out those mp snare hits on the drums with kick drums and hitting a cymbal and snare on every quarter to give it more momentum. Same for when you repeat it a 43. The Prince Arrives melody sorta reminds me of La Cucaracha. Take that how you will, but it was really catchy. NOT THE BEARD was thrashy and energetic and I like the way it segwayed back into the main riff.

It was fun listening to this.

P.s. You're a funny dude.
Thanks (a) Million! I'm particularly glad that you said it was a fun listen because that's really what I was going for.

As I copypasta'd the drums I told myself "I'll come back and spice these up when I'm finished with everything else" but I think I was so focused on the guitars during my critical listening that the drums kind of passed me by. I'll try to keep your suggestions in mind if Butt Rumbler decides to make a solo album.
i see your girl
she leavin wit me

I'm playing wit her booty
in the back seat