I actually just bought a Peavey 6505+ 112 Combo used and I have a few weeks to return it if I don't like it. I sort of impulse bought it since it seemed like such a good deal, but I am wondering if I made a mistake.

I listen to a lot of metal, but I also like playing some 80's rock. I played a Blackstar amp at GC the other day (Not sure exactly which one, 20W tube combo) and it sounded fantastic, but cost a little more than what I paid for my used amp.

Here are some things that I want to play:

Power Metal: Dream Evil, Firewind, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, etc.

Classic Metal: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Metallica

Melodic Death Metal: Amon Amarth, Death, Kalmah, Opeth

80's Rock: Scorpions, Journey, Foreigner

Might also try some Dream Theater if I'm feeling a little crazy.

So my question is how does the Peavey stack up for this kind of list? Would the Blackstar be a better fit? Something else? I know there is no definitive right or wrong answer, just looking for as many opinions as I can get. Thanks.
Your amp will piss all over that Blackstar, trust me. The only thing it might struggle with is some of that 80's rock you listed, namely Foreigner and Journey. It's fairly difficult to get a good light-gain sound out of it. But I'd recommend the rhythm channel for that stuff, with the gain turned way down and an OD pedal boosting it. The rhythm channel is a little more Marshally, so it tends to sound better for that lighter gain stuff.

Same goes for that classic metal like Maiden, Metallica, and Megadeth -- the rhythm channel boosted with the gain set a bit higher will do those sounds.

The lead channel is pure aggression. Amon Amarth actually uses 6505s, so you're in the right zone for that.

Basically, there are four things I'd recommend:

>Get an OD pedal like a Tubescreamer to boost the front end of the amp. This is not for more gain -- it is to tighten up your sound and make it more focused. It also greatly helps for getting a searing lead tone.

>Get an MXR 10-band EQ to put in the effects loop. This is one seriously powerful pedal. You can dial-in many different metal tones with that alone.

>Get a new speaker. I highly recommend the Eminence Governor or Swamp Thang. They're 10 X better than the stock speaker. The Governor is like a Celestion V 30, only a little more bottom heavy and less harsh in the upper mids. The ST is a little more scooped in the mids and has a massive low end and smooth highs. The slight mid-cut goes well with 6505s because they are too mid-prominent to begin with. It helps bring them down to the level of most other amps. Still plenty of mids there though. Pick your poison, basically.

>Do the effects loop mod. Basically, you tack on a .022 uF capacitor to one of the existing capacitors on the effects loop send (very easy, even for someone with very little soldering experience). This fixes the FX loop buffer which cuts low-end/adds fizz whenever the effects loop is used. The capacitor costs about 50 cents.
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If it's just for practice you're probably fine. If you're unhappy with it go back and see if they have a Vypyr tube hybrid combo. It's not 100% tube but it sounds good and you shouldn't have to use any pedals or do any modifications.

Also you would get a lot more help posting this in the amp & effects forum
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

Thanks for the advice. It's not that I am unhappy with it. It is the best amp I've owned so far. There is something about it that doesn't sound quite right to me yet. I'm not sure what exactly it is but something about it needs improved and I don't know enough about it to know how to fix it lol.

I just want to make sure that I got the best amp for my money while I still have the opportunity to swap it out.
It's a pretty decent amp, I don't know how much you got it for but from my past experience it does the job for metal.

Since you have a large variety for your preferred genre however I wouldn't say it will fit every sound perfectly, but nothing a pedal or synthesizer couldn't fix. It should technically outshine the Blackstar but if something sounds 'wrong' with it, to a point where you're reconsidering getting the other amp it'd be best if you look into it further. It shouldn't be too much of a problem just as long as it won't get any worse with time. I mean honestly if you got it for a good price there must be a good reason why.

it's all up to you on what sound you prefer so I reckon you should play on the Blackstar again before deciding to return your Peavey, if you still have hesitations maybe it's for a good reason.

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What I mean is if you start with something 'good' and find something else that makes you consider swapping, it's probably because that something else is better.

It's more important in my opinion for you to be satisfied with the sound whether one amp is better than the other or more expensive than the other.

Plus I don't know if this makes me an asshole but if I were you I'd wait to return it the day before the return period expires, and play on both in the meantime to really be sure about which I prefer. I mean once you return it it's there and you get your money back, you can just buy it off again, maybe for a lower price too since it's been 'used' once more hahaaa
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Hi Sorry for bumping up an old thread but I am interested in getting a smallish guitar amp and I have the same taste as the OP

The amps I am seriously considering are:

- Peavy Vyper 3
- Marshall DSL40C

Leaning more towards the Marshall as it is easier to use and more versatile with sound.

^^The Marshall is not more versatile, it just sounds quite a bit better at what it does.

Vypyrs are nice -- don't get me wrong -- I've got a Vypyr 30 head. They are some of the most versatile amps out there and sound damn good on most settings. But they won't compete with a real tube amp. As an example, the 6505 model they have sounds very good; a faithful representation of the real thing. That said, I HAVE the real thing as well. I've A/B'd them through the same 412 cab and the real 6505+ just crushes the Vypyr in terms of tonal richness, depth of low-end, and sheer volume. I'd expect the Marshall would also sound quite a bit better than the "Plexi" model on the Vypyr as well.

If versatility is super important, then yeah, definitely try a Vypyr. But if you want the best tone possible for metal (as well as having a nice clean channel) go with the Marshall. Personally I'd go for tone over versatility.

Anyway, this would be better posted in the Guitar Gear and Accessories. You'll find naught but hipsters, pranksters, and plain-old weirdos in this forum.
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